20th October 2016

Agricultural Forestry Workshop Granted in Brentwood, Essex

JTS have successfully negotiated planning permission for the erection of a workshop and store, which will incorporate a kitchenette and WC within woodland in Warley, Essex, close to Brentwood.

The site is part of a woodland planted in the 1970s and our client had received a licence to manage the site, together with bee keeping activities.

The site is located within the Metropolitan Green Belt and the Council served an Article 4 Direction early within the application process, which removed permitted development rights (including Class B and E of Part 6 relating to agricultural and forestry works).

However, the Council considered that the proposals were acceptable, that it fell within the definition of ‘appropriate’ development under the National Planning Policy Framework and that the building of the size, colour and location would be acceptable. ¬†Delegated permission was subsequently granted.

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