Building Surveying and Property Management

JTS offers a complete building surveying and property management service including:

Design & Planning

We advise on design and planning issues and, in particular, functional suitability, ergonomics and space utilisation. We provide our clients with feasibility studies and we can assist you in your decision making process.

Boundary Disputes

Boundaries can move and change direction over time due to the replacement of markers, agreements made between previous owners and other various factors. For a home owner, boundaries, and who is responsible for maintaining them, can be a source of neighbour dispute, whilst, for developers, it may be the key to the viability of a scheme.

JTS has years of experience in dealing with such matters. By reference to Land Registry Plans and Title Deeds, and other indicators such as old photographs, witness evidence and the actual property, we can assist you to determine the actual boundary and then try and reach agreement with the other party. If necessary we can assist you to pursue the matter with the Land Registry or, ultimately, through the courts (First-Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber – Land Registration)).

Building Surveys and Condition Assessments

Our Chartered Building Surveyors specialise in providing surveys and reports to the general public, leading banks, building societies, developers and individuals on all types of properties.

Building Control

Our provide a full building control service, advising on both the need for, and then preparing and pursuing, applications, for building regulation approval.

Conservation & Historic Buildings

We advise on all aspects of proposed works to heritage assets, whether they be scheduled ancient monuments or listed buildings, from repair and maintenance, to remodelling, alteration and extensions.

Dilapidations, Landlord & Tenant Services

We provide a range of services and act on a regular basis for both landlords and tenants in giving expert advice on dilapidations, warrants of repair, alterations and statutory compliance. Our Chartered Surveyors can assist both landlords and tenants in all lease and licence queries and disputes.

Project Contract Administration, Specifications and Tenders

We offer our clients an efficient and thorough contract and administration service, from inception through to final completion. The service comprises the preparation of all required building contract documentation (including specification and tender preparation) and the issuing of all required certificates, including interim valuation, extension of time, sectional completion, practical completion, making good of defects and final certificates. We provide regular project monitoring, together with cost control reporting and attendance at project meetings, in order to ensure that works are carried out to a good quality, on programme and within budget.

Property Management Services

We offer our clients a fully integrated property management service that includes periodic building inspections, building condition assessments and 5-10 year property maintenance programmes. In order to ensure maintenance costs are controlled, and fall within budget, we advise on annual building maintenance expenditure, preventive maintenance expenditure and preventive maintenance contracts.