Valuations and Property Investment

JTS provides general practice surveying advice and undertakes valuations for a wide range of purposes across the UK. With a multi-disciplinary base, we provide comprehensive valuation, planning and building surveying advice that allows clients to make fully informed property investment decisions. Our clients include developers, major house builders and charitable trusts, as well as private individuals.

Regulated Valuations

The JTS Partnership employs Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors registered Valuers who can undertake valuations of individual assets and large property portfolios. All valuations comply with relevant International Valuation Standards (IVS) as expressed in the RICS Valuation – Professional Standards ‘Red Book’.

Charity Act Valuations

We have extensive experience of providing advice to Charitable Organisations in relation to the acquisition, letting and disposal of property assets. We are fully aware of the need to comply with the requirements of the Charities Act.

Loan Security

Virtually all lenders require an independent and accurate valuation in order to assist them to assess whether a property is suitable security and so that they can have confidence in their loan to value calculation. We provide valuations for secured lending purposes on a broad range of commercial and residential properties.


We have expertise in providing valuations for Probate and Inheritance Tax purposes. We always seek to provide a high quality of service in what can often difficult circumstances for the client.

Expert Witness

We provide impartial advice required during the course of litigation or disputes. This includes advice in relation to divorce proceedings and diminution in value.

Rent Reviews

We provide a personal service to our clients throughout the rent review process and strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Lease Renewals

We aim to achieve the best terms when negotiating lease acquisitions or renewals, paying particular attention to our client’s needs. This includes securing the most appropriate balance between rental outcome and lease terms.

Section 18 Valuations (Landlord &Tenant Act 1927)

Section 18(1) of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1927, limits a landlord’s claim for damages for breach of a repair covenant. We prepare both diminution valuations and valuations as if a property had been maintained in accordance with the terms of a lease. These are then used to negotiate the best settlement for our client, whether that is the landlord or the tenant.

Development Appraisals

Our Valuation Team can provide clear advice on the viability and potential profitability of development projects. Working with our Planning and Building Design Teams, we are also able to give advice on achieving the best form of development to meet our client’s key performance measures.

Viability Appraisals

We undertake Viability Appraisals to meet the ever-increasing need to justify proposed levels of affordable housing and other planning obligation contributions.

Acquisition & Disposals

We provide advice to our clients on the most appropriate means of disposing of their property asset(s). We have extensive expertise in negotiating the best terms whether in relation to an acquisition, lease, option agreement or disposal.

We are also able to provide advice, undertake negotiations and liaise with other professionals on the acquisition of new property.

Compulsory Purchase

Local authorities and other statutory bodies have wide powers to compulsory purchase land and buildings for projects that are considered to be in the public interest. JTS acts on behalf of affected parties, both in making objections and representations in relation to compulsory purchase orders and, where they are confirmed, in negotiating the maximum possible compensation.


We undertake valuations for a wide range of insurance purposes and we are regulated by the RICS as Insurance Intermediaries.

Specialist Advisor to Charities

JTS understands that Charities need clear, consistent and accurate professional advice that supports the ethos of their organisation and which enables Trustees to make sound decisions in support of their ethical values and objectives.

We understand and respect the charity and community sector and act with sensitivity in responding to the needs of charitable organisations. We work in a transparent manner, and uphold the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

We are retained by a number of charitable clients to give support and advice on all aspects of property insurance, maintenance, renewal, disposal and redevelopment. Our Registered Valuers undertake Red Book valuations and we are also regulated by the RICS as Insurance Intermediaries.