10th April 2020

Householder planning permission granted for extension to dwelling in Suffolk

The JTS Partnership has helped to secure a householder planning permission for the alteration and extension of our client’s dwelling (which used to be a Barn) in Martlesham, Suffolk.

The planning application was made following the grant of a Lawful Development Certificate for the use of the Barn as a single dwelling house. This Certificate Application was also prepared and submitted by JTS.
JTS acted as the planning consultant for the project, which involved preparing the planning statement, where we had to demonstrate that the proposal has been derived from a thoughtful design process, in accordance with national and local planning policies. The preparation of the planning application also involved liaising with our client’s architect for a full suite of plans, preparing all submission documents, and then finally submitting the planning application to East Suffolk Council.

Shortly after the planning application was validated by the Local Planning Authority, we liaised with the Development Control Case Officer to deal with any issues arising. Due to minor plan amendments required by the Case Officer, we had to agree to an extension of time in order to allow for the consultation on the revised plans and administrative matters to conclude. Our proactive and continuous liaison with the Case Officer during the application process, resulted in a successful conclusion, as the planning application was GRANTED planning permission.

The client was thrilled with the decision and personally passed his thanks onto the planning team in our Brentwood office, for a great job. In his own words “a first-rate service and very professional.”

If you are looking to alter or extend your dwelling, or wish to regularise the use of a building as a single dwelling house, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our planning team, who are based in our Brentwood or Canterbury offices.