27th January 2022

Refurbishment of customer garden at pub site, Chiswick

Full planning permission has been granted by the London Borough of Hounslow for the refurbishment of the customer garden at a pub site in Chiswick. The approved development includes two pergolas, with retractable canvas roofs, and an extension of the external service area, including the erection of screen fencing, to enable the stationing of two cold storage units. Additionally, two new emergency exits were approved within secondary elevations.

The LPA agreed with us that the replacement of the covered BBQ and parasols with new structures will enhance the character of the building and the Conservation Area, together with the customer experience. The new pergolas will be partially screened by existing structures and landscaping that bounds the customer terrace area and, from where they can be seen, they will tidy up and enhance the rear garden area and appear as an appropriate addition to a busy public house.