10th February 2022

Planning permission granted for external works and refurbishment of customer garden at large pub site in East Dulwich, London

Full planning permission has been granted by London Borough of Southwark Council for external works and the refurbishment of the customer garden at a large pub site in East Dulwich, London.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, customer expectations have moved on, and good quality external seating and dining areas are now favoured.

The removal of the conservatory, and its replacement with an extension of the existing open veranda, will enhance the character of the building. Similarly, the new covered timber framed pergolas (one with a sedum roof), together with the new paving, will further enhance the character of the external areas and the customer experience. The pergola adjacent to the northeast boundary will have a solid timber rear and sedum roof in recognition that there are residential properties on the other side of the boundary. This will help ensure that the proposals have no greater impact upon the amenity of those properties than do the existing operations.

Finally, the proposal includes a new ramp which will improve accessibility between the internal and external trade areas.

The LPA agreed with us and concluded that the proposal demonstrates conformity with the principles of sustainable development. It complies with current policy, respects the amenity of neighbouring properties and is of good design.